Gimli Yacht Club

We are proud members of the Gimli Yacht Club and are happy to promote them on our site.  Gimli Yacht Club is one of the largest sailing clubs in the prairies which isn't surprising considering Lake Winnipeg is the 10th largest fresh water lake in the world.

As a member of the Gimli Yacht Club, you will receive exclusive summer storage rates along with other exclusive promotions during the year.  We value their contribution to our community, which is why we also donate to their Save The Lake Fundraiser and Learn to Sail Program.

Check out their site HERE!

  • Cabin Cruisers and Sailing

    If you find what you need in this catalogue, we would be happy to order it for you. This vendor is located in British Columbia, has a minimum order amount and takes about 5 - 7 days with ground delivery.
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  • Boating, Fishing and Sailing

    This vendor has several warehouses in Ontario and British Columbia. Although this catalogue contains pricing, we have been advised by the supplier to log into their system for the most up to date prices. Please use the prices as a guideline only. If we do place an order for you from this vendor the closest warehouse shipping times is 2 - 3 days and does not have a minimum order amount.
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  • Sailing and Giftware

    Expect to pay freight for most orders from this Ontario supplier. This vendor has a minimum order amount and takes about 2 - 3 days with ground delivery.

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  • HARKEN Sailing Catalogue

    Although, you will find these items in both our Marine Hardware Catalogues. We included it because it is a valuable resource.

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  • 2021 Sierra Parts

    Aftermarket Engine Parts

    With inventory shortages across Canada, we have found ourselves needing more options for parts. Sierra has been providing parts to Marine Dealers in the Canada and US markets for decades. We have noticed that the prices on these parts have gone up and either match the retail pricing of Factory Certified Parts or even cost more. But if you need your part now this may be an option for you. Our parts department is very skilled in cross-referencing available parts.

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