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Angler's Edge Mapping

Angler's Edge Mapping Complete Catalogue 2020

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• Detailed spot-on-the-spot quality mapping for entire lakes
• Accurate, true-to-life location & shape of structure, features & shorelines
• User friendly chromatic colour palette makes determining depth easy (purple = deep, red = shallow)
• Exclusive coverage for many lakes

Angler’s Edge Mapping (AEM) Digital Maps allow you to view your favourite water bodies like never before, making your fishing trips more productive. We map. You fish. Created from AEM exclusive survey data, carefully processed using modern equipment and techniques, these maps have set a new standard in Manitoba & Northwest Ontario.

Coverage includes: Barren Lake, Bedford Lake, Beresford Lake, Betula Lake, Big Whiteshell Lake, Bird Lake, Black Sturgeon Lakes (Upper & Lower), Booster Lake, Brereton Lake, Buffalo Bay (LOTW), Caddy Lake, Crater Lake, Deception Lake, Dorothy Lake, Eleanor Lake, Falcon Lake, Flanders Lake, Garner Lake, Gull Lake, Heart Lake, Horseshoe Lake, Jessica Lake, Lac du Bonnet, Lake Minnewasta, Lake Of The Prairies, Lake of the Woods 2020, Lake Winnipeg (South Basin from Gimli to Belair to south shore), Lee River incl. Pinawa Bay & Pinawa Channel, Lone Island Lake, Lyons Lake, Manigotagan River (Lower), Margaret Lake, Moose Lake, Natalie Lake, North Cross Lake, Numao Lake to Slave Falls, Nutimik Lake, Otter Falls & English River, Pelican Lake, Pinawa Bay, Pine Falls, Red River: Central, Red River: North, Red Rock Lake, Rice Lake, Shoal Lake 2019 (Clytie/Bag/Indian/ Snowshoe Bays + north central main lake), Shoe Lake, Slave Falls Reservoir (Pointe du Bois to Slave Falls), South Cross Lake, Star Lake, Stephenfield Lake, Summerhill Lake, Sylvia Lake & Pinawa, West Hawk Lake, White Lake, Whitemud River (Lower)

• Area specific packages (Whiteshell, Nopiming, Winnipeg River, Northwest Ontario, Lake Winnipeg, Western Manitoba, Southeast Manitoba) are also available
• AEM catalog expands annually, and existing customers can upgrade for reasonable prices when new content is released.

Compatible with
 Lowrance® sonar models:

HDS Button Models, Gen 1 & 2
• HDS-5, HDS-7, HDS-8, HDS-10

HDS Touch Models, Gen 2, 3 & Carbon & Live
• HDS-7, HDS-9, HDS-12, HDS-16

Elite Models
• Elite-4 Chirp/HDI, ELITE-5M, Elite-5 Chirp/HDI, Elite-5 TI, Elite-7 Chirp/HDI, Elite-7 Ti & Ti2, Elite-9 Chirp, Elite-9, Elite-9 Ti & Ti2, Elite-12 TI & Ti2, + All “Ice Machine” Versions.
• Elite-4 Chirp/HDI, ELITE-5M, Elite-5 Chirp/HDI, Elite-5 TI, Elite-7 Chirp/HDI, Elite-7 TI, Elite-9 Chirp, Elite-9, Elite-9 Ti, Elite-12 Ti, + All “Ice Machine” Versions

Hook Models
• Hook-4, Hook-5, Hook-7, Hook-9

Hook2 Models
• Hook2-5, Hook2-7, Hook2-9, Hook2-12

***AEM digital maps are also compatible with modern Simrad and B&G sonars.