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Angler's Edge Mapping

Angler's Edge WINNIPEG RIVER 2021

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Digital maps compatible with modern Lowrance sonars. 

For easy reading, our maps are colour coded as follows:

Includes: Crater Lake, Dorothy Lake, Eleanor Lake, Great Falls Reservoir (McArthur Falls to Great Falls), Heart Lake, Lac du Bonnet & Bird River (lower), Lee River inc. Pinawa Bay & Pinawa Channel, Margaret Lake, Maskwa River, Natalie Lake, Nutimik Lake, Numao Lake to Slave Falls, Otter Falls & English River, Pine Falls (generating station to last nav buoy on Traverse bay), Pine Falls Reservoir, Pointe du Bois Reservoir (PDB to Lamprey Rapids, Silver Falls, Slave Falls Reservoir (Pointe du Bois to Slave Falls), St. George, Sylvia Lake & Pinawa area, White Mud Falls

Bold font = new for 2021

• AEM catalog expands annually, and existing customers can upgrade for reasonable prices when new content is released

Compatible with Lowrance® sonar models:

HDS Button Models, Gen 1 & 2
• HDS-5, HDS-7, HDS-8, HDS-10

HDS Touch Models, Gen 2, 3 & Carbon
• HDS-7, HDS-9, HDS-12, HDS-16

Elite Models
• Elite-4 Chirp/HDI, ELITE-5M, Elite-5 Chirp/HDI, Elite-5 TI, Elite-7 Chirp/HDI, Elite-7 Ti & Ti2, Elite-9 Chirp, Elite-9, Elite-9 Ti & Ti2, Elite-12 TI & Ti2, + All “Ice Machine” Versions

Hook Models
• Hook-4, Hook-5, Hook-7, Hook-9

Hook2 Models
• Hook2-5, Hook2-7, Hook2-9, Hook2-12

***AEM digital maps are also compatible with modern Simrad and B&G sonars.