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Interlux Marine Paint


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VC 17m Antifouling - Quart

VC 17m is VC's world-famous innovation in the field of drag reduction antifouling. Ideal for racing and cruising boats

The original antifouling with "non-stick" technology.

Metallic copper powder is added to VC 17m's thin fluoro micro additive film to create a hard, super-smooth antifouling coating. Its fluoro micro additive-based film shrugs off marine growth, and the exceptional surface smoothness means boat speed can actually increase.

Suitable for use in freshwater or low fouling cold saltwater. It is not recommended in difficult fouling areas.

When applied, VC17m will immediately give a thin super smooth "slip" finish that would typically take days of sanding to achieve. When it's time to recoat VC17m, no sanding is required. Just wash with fresh water, let dry and reapply VC17m.

VC17m goes on eight times thinner than traditional antifouling paint which virtually eliminates film buildup. It can be applied to underwater surfaces on properly prepared fiberglass, wood and metal boat hulls. (except Aluminum)

The approximate coverage area is 80 square feet per quart with an application by Roller. The drying time is between 5 and 10 minutes. (Not for application by brush or spray.)

Three coats are recommended for Low Fouling Saltwater areas the first season, with two coats per season after. For Fresh Water applications, it's recommended to apply two coats the first season, with one coat per season in the years following.