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An intensive action foam cleaner for vehicle/boat interiors. Its outstanding dirt dissolving power removes spots and stubborn stains, while remaining gentle to surfaces. Leaves a pleasant fruit-scented odor. Contains no phosphates or organic solvents. More than 95% biodegradable.


Micro-fine active foam (vacuum effect)
Gentle on material
20-fold yield
Does not contain phosphate or organic solvents. AOX-free
Quickly separates in waste water according to ecological standard test B 5105
Biodegradability >95%
pH-value: 8.2
Silicone free


Foam remains on the surface and actively extracts the dirt by the action of foam bubbles bursting
Outstanding dirt dissolving power
No soaking of upholstery, thus no long drying times
Perfect for cleaning salt stains on carpets
Suitable for all materials in the vehicle interior. The dashboard break-off points of the (passenger) air bags are not affected
500 ml Aktiv-Clean is equal to the yield of more than 10 liters of liquid cleaner
Potential danger of daily use is reduced
Environmentally friendly
Meets local waste water regulations
No hazardous substance identification required


Perfect for plastic surfaces, vinyl, cloth, leather, and carpets


Spray Aktiv-Clean onto a clean, dry cloth and wipe the surfaces to be treated. Then treat plastic parts with Cockpit Care (Art. No. 893.4731). On textile surfaces and upholstery, allow foam to soak in briefly and remove any dirt with a brush or sponge. Treat stains from the edge towards the center. Afterwards vacuum upholstery. Protect against frost.