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Angler's Edge Mapping

Angler's Edge Mapping LAKE WINNIPEG 2023: EARLY ICE

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Digital maps compatible with modern Lowrance sonars. 

For easy reading, our maps are colour coded as follows:

Includes: Lake Winnipeg South (South Basin from Gimli to Belair to south shore Hecla/Grindstone 2022 & Riverton/Sandy Bar 2023), Grand Rapids (tailrace to bridge), Red River: North (Lockport to Lake Winnipeg), Red River: Central (Lockport to St. Norbert Gates), Pine Falls (generating station to last nav buoy at mouth of Traverse Bay), Gull Lake, Manigotagan River (Lower), Mantagao Lake, Norris Lake

Bold font = new for 2023: Early  Ice

• AEM catalog expands annually, and existing customers can upgrade for reasonable prices when new content is released

Compatible with Lowrance® sonar models:

HDS Button Models, Gen 1 & 2
• HDS-5, HDS-7, HDS-8, HDS-10

HDS Touch Models, Gen 2, 3 & Carbon
• HDS-7, HDS-9, HDS-12, HDS-16

Elite Models
• Elite-4 Chirp/HDI, ELITE-5M, Elite-5 Chirp/HDI, Elite-5 TI, Elite-7 Chirp/HDI, Elite-7 Ti & Ti2, Elite-9 Chirp, Elite-9, Elite-9 Ti & Ti2, Elite-12 TI & Ti2, + All “Ice Machine” Versions

Hook Models
• Hook-4, Hook-5, Hook-7, Hook-9

Hook2 Models
• Hook2-5, Hook2-7, Hook2-9, Hook2-12

***AEM digital maps are also compatible with modern Simrad and B&G sonars.