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Auto Trim Tab Control #AC3000

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Product Overview

Maintain optimum trim with minimal effort.

Trimming your boat provides the smoothest ride and the best fuel efficiency, but in changing conditions it require constant attention. The Bennett auto trim tab control is designed to take control of these duties. The controller connects to Bennett hydraulic trim tab systems and monitors and adjusts to changing conditions  a thousand times a second; just program the optimum attitude for your boat and the auto trim tab control will maintain the setting regardless of changes to weight distribution, sea conditions or speed. Installation takes a plug-and-play approach using existing connections available in hydraulic trim tab systems. Ideal for long passages and constantly changing conditions. Hand-off the tedious task of maintaining the optimum trim of your boat to an auto trim tab control system from Bennett and enjoy the ride.

Key Features

  • Automatically adjusts to maintain boat’s optimum attitude for a smoother ride and better fuel efficiency
  • Programmable to establish baseline trim
  • Compatible with Bennett Marine hydraulic trim tab systems
  • Comes complete with wiring harness and control for plug-and-play installation