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CL815 Clamcleat Keeper for Mk2 Racing Juniors

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Keeper automatically prevents unwanted cleating.

This accessory expands the capability of conventional Clamcleat® rope cleats. The Award Winning CL815 Keeper has been designed to overcome the problem of lines being cleated accidentally as well as improving performance by holding lightly-loaded lines in the jaws of a cleat when mounted upside down. When using a cleat fitted with a Keeper, the operation and performance is completely transformed. The lead-in makes cleating a line easier and there is a satisfying and positive click as the line is released or cleated.

These benefits mean that Clamcleat® rope cleats can now be used on control lines that are adjusted frequently. When a halyard or control line is released from a cleat fitted with a Keeper, the Keeper will stop it falling back into the cleat and re-cleating, for example when dropping a spinnaker during a race or the mainsail when unrigging ashore. A patent has been applied for the innovative Keeper.

Use for land fill covers:
To stop covers moving, the surface is buried deep and ropes led up through holes in the sheeting. By bolting a CL211 Mk2 cleat and CL815 Keeper to a steel plate, you can hold the ropes securely. It is easy to tension the rope when installing the membrane and also to re-tension as the landfill settles over time.

The innovative Keepers are patented and have won 2 awards. At the At the Marine Equipment Trade Show (METS) in Amsterdam in November 2005,  we were the joint winners in the Deck equipment, sails and rigging category.  The Jury said "The Keeper from Clamcleats Ltd of the United Kingdom brilliantly reinvents the Clamcleat, to prevent unwanted capture of the rope and also to prevent accidental release."
The Keeper also won an award at the 2005 Hamburg Boat Show. Segeln magazine readers voted the Keeper 4th place in their Award 2005 for innovative products. This was the only piece of deck hardware to win an award.

Rope Diameter 3 - 6mm 1/8 - 1/4"
Material Acetal Acetal
Hole Centres 27mm 1 1/16"
Length 55mm 2 1/8"
Width 21mm 13/16"
Height 27mm 1 1/16
Bolt Size M4 #8-32. 5/32"
Screw Size 4.2 No 8