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CL203 Junior Nylon Clamcleat® with Fairlead (1/8" - 1/4") Black Nylon

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One of our most popular cleats. The Clamcleat® CL203 has many uses on sailing dinghies, kayaks, canoes and industrial applications.
It is used on a ceiling mounted horizontal bike storage.  This is a great invention that allows you to store any type of bicycle in small apartments, offices, vacation homes or garages. 

The Clamcleat® CL203 Junior with fairlead is a popular cleat with a quick and positive lock that is easy to release.


  • Manufactured from UV resistant marine grade nylon
  • Can be attached to horizontal or vertical surfaces
  • Mounts to flat, curved or round surfaces
  • No moving parts to break or seize
  • Useful in many applications
  • Cost effective


Rope Diameter 3 - 6mm 1/8 - 1/4"
Material Nylon Nylon
Hole Centres 66mm 2 5/8"
Length 82mm 3 1/4"
Width 18mm 11/16"
Height 23mm 15/16
Bolt Size M4 / 4mm No 8. / 5/32"
Screw Size 4.2 No 8