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JJV's Best

JJV's Best - Boat Scum Remover (Quart)

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Is an revolutionary product that is safe and environmentally friendly. It will remove algae and mineral buildup from the bottom of boats safely and effectively. USED ON FIBERGLASS AND PAINTED ALUMINUM BOATS

Without hazardous acids or scrubbing, just spray on and rinse off.


Using a CLEAN OR NEW Hudson Sprayer or spray bottle, spray the boat scum remover over the area to be cleaned. Working from bottom to top. Allow the boat scum remover to dwell on the bottom of the boat for a few minutes. Working from top to bottom, use a high pressure sprayer with clean water to remove the film from the hull. Please note that heavily soiled areas may require repeating.


For use below the water line. To clean the rest of the boat and interior use our Boat Wash.