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Kiwi Grip

KiwiGrip Anti-Slip Deck Coating, Qt.,

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A revolutionary, safe, durable, non-skid deck treatment that comes out of the can with a thick, yogurt like consistency - but spreads quickly and easily with the proprietary roller (4" roller included). KiwiGrip offers a beautiful, consistent, grippy surface. By varying the application technique, the texture can be adjusted from "fine" to "aggressive". Loaded with a UV stabilizer for consistent color.
    • Hard acrylic polymer provides a durable, homogeneous, elastic anti-skid surface

    • Low-glare, IR reflective finish

    • Homogeneous color - won't wear through and expose filler materials

    • Dial in the perfect texture with the special roller cover

    • Apply over wood, fiberglass, epoxy, concrete or metal (w/proper primers)

    • Rolls on nicely over other worn non-skid surfaces with only a scrub and scuff-up - no need to grind or sand smooth first

    • Non-toxic, no volatile solvents. Cleans up with soap and water

  • Coverage: 2 square meters per qt. (approx. 80sq ft/gal)

Packaged in easy to use resealable pouches. 1 Pouch in a quart kit