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Mercury Marine

Mercury-Mercruiser 84-8M0157078 SmartCraft VesselView Mobile Kit 1-4 Engines

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84-8M0157078 VesselView Mobile Kit
This is a genuine Mercury Marine factory OEM part, not aftermarket

What Is VesselView Mobile? VesselView Mobile delivers your boat’s SmartCraft® digital data to the palm of your hand. VesselView Mobile is an onboard module, linking to your mobile device app and mobile account via Bluetooth® technology. The application is compatible with both iOS and Android™ mobile devices and is available for use with smartphones and tablets. 
Now you can have the power of SmartCraft on your mobile device (iOS or Android) with all the digital data from your SmartCraft engine. Connect the SmartCraft digital data stream from your engine to your iOS or Android mobile device via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0). 

Works with most SmartCraft‑capable 2003 or newer engines (from single to quad applications), 40 HP and higher outboards, gas or diesel sterndrives and inboards, Joystick Piloting, Zeus pods and Racing products.


Vesselview Mobile engine data  Vessel View Mobile Fault Code Detail


  • See all SmartCraft engine parameters on your phone: fuel flow, water termperature, oil & water pressures, battery voltage, RPM, etc. (parameters vary from engine family)

  • Receive fault code diagnostic info 

  • Get mapping info for your body of water - record a moment on the water, restaurant and fuel locations, and more.

  • Dealer locator

  • Checklists associated with your boating habits

  • Maintenance reminders & historical maintenance logs

  • Web based account to delve deeper into your boat - analyze fuel consumption year to year, relive once in a lifetime fishing trips, family outings, etc. and share across social media channels.

  • Check engine data on a boat you're potentially purchasing!

84-8M0115080 VesselView Mobile Module Kit Contains:     

1 Cable Clip 23567
2 Screws  69013
1 VesselView Mobile module w harness NSS
1 Weather Cap 859318T2
4 Cable Ties 816311T

Android® is a registered trademark of Google®, Inc., Bluetooth® is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc., iOS® is a registered trademark of Cisco Systems®, Inc. (used under license by Apple®, Inc.), SmartCraft® and VesselView® are registered trademarks of Brunswick® Corporation.


Outboard Engine Compatibility
Model Serial Range
30–40 HP (3 cyl) EFI 4 Stroke 0T409000 and above
40–60 HP (4 cyl) EFI 4 Stroke All
75–115 HP EFI 4 Stroke 1B366823 and above
75–125 HP OptiMax All
150 HP 4 Stroke All
V6 OptiMax 0T178500 and above
V6 EFI 2  Stroke 0T409000 and above
Verado All
NOTE: Some 2001 model year engines may require an ECM update.
MerCruiser Engine Compatibility
Model Serial Range
3.0L MPI All
4.3L MPI All
4.5L/6.2L - Mercury Built All
5.0L/350 MAG/5.7L/377 MAG/6.2L MPI - GM 0M300000 and above
496/8.1L All
8.2L All
NOTE: 6.2L Black Scorpion SmartCraft compatible, 0M391777 and above.
Mercury Diesel Engine Compatibility
Model Serial Range
2.0L/2.8L I4 All
3.0L V6 TDI All
4.2L I6 All
4.2L V8 TDI 0M300000 and above
QSB/QSC/QSM11/QSL Series Cummins All
Mercury Racing Sterndrive Engine Compatibility
Model Serial Range
520/525/540/565 EFI All
600/662/700 SCi All
850/1025/1075/1200 SCi All
QC4v Models All
Mercury Racing Outboard Engine Compatibility
Model Serial Range
2.5 XS All
200/225/250/300XS All
225/300X Pro Max All
350 Sci and 400R Verado All


What Engine Configurations are Supported?  The VesselView Module will work in any of the following configurations:
• For single engine applications that do not have SmartCraft architecture (an available junction box at the helm), you can install the module directly on the engine. This setup does require the 10-pin termination resistor, typically yellow and installed on the engine harness. 

• For multi-engine applications that do not have SmartCraft architecture (available junction box under the helm), see your Mercury Marine dealer for assistance with architecture configuration and installation.

 For boats WITH SmartCraft architecture in place, use an open port (remove weather cap) in a junction box or replace your junction box with a higher capacity unit if all ports are already used.