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Golden Eye

New Goldeneye Marine I/O Inboard Engine Crankcase Oil Drain Kit

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This Oil Drain Kit makes oil changes quick, easy and effidient.  The oil drain hose permanently attaches to the engine which eliminates the need to remove the oil drain plug every time you change the oil.  Simply remove the plug on the end of the hose and drain through the transom or through the engine compartment.  Easy, trouble -free oil changes promote better performance and long engine life.

Installation Instructions:

To install, remove the existing oil drain plug from the engine and let the oil drain out.  Next, remove the plastic protective cap from the swivel fitting on the oil drain hose.  Apply a good quality thread sealant to the swivel fitting before attaching to the crankcase.  The drain plug thread size on most domestic engines is 1/2 - 20.   Adaptors are available for different thread size.  Once the hose is instaled, refill the crankcase with appropriate type of oil.  To drain the oil, follow on of the methods described below: