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Quicksilver 47-59632Q01 Seawater Pump Impeller

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59362Q01 Sea Water Pump Impeller - MerCruiser Engines with Engine Mounted, Two-Piece, Plastic Housing

Replacement impeller for your MerCruiser engine with an engine mounted sea water pump

Impeller elastomers provide improved flexibility across broad temperature ranges throughout the boating season

Designed for durability to provide higher flow rates and cooling flow to protect your engine

The center insert is bonded to the vanes to resist tearing loose and losing water flow

For MerCruiser engines with engine mounted, two-piece, plastic sea water pumps. See your owner’s manual for replacement schedule.

Mercury Quicksilver Impeller 47-59362q01 is equivalent to parts:

  • 47 59362T 1 Mercury Marine