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Turning Point Propellers

Turning Point Hustler 10 3/8" Dia x 14" Pitch Mid-Range 3-Blade Aluminum Propeller (H1-1014)

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  • Diameter: 10-3/8" x Pitch: 14 RH
  • Applications: 40-75 Hp / Gearcase: 3-1/2"
  • Each Brand/Model of Outboard Requires a Specific Hub Kit (Sold Separately)


    Use Hub Kit 11: Johnson 40 4-Stroke, 50 4-Stroke; Force 40hp ('95-'98), 70 hp ('91-'95), 75 hp ('96-'98); Mercury & Mariner 2 strokes: 30hp ('94+), /35hp, 45hp, 55hp/ 40hp, 50hp, 60hp ('77+)/70hp ('77-'83); Mercury & Mariner 4 strokes: 25hp, 30hp Bigfoot/ 30hp ('94-'05)/ 40hp (*NOT Bigfoot, CT, or SeaPro 4 cyl), 45hp, 48 hp(Mariner), 50hp (*NOT Bigfoot or CT), 55 hp (SeaPro), 60hp (*NOT Bigfoot, CT or SeaPro). *note: see 4.25" Gearcase for Bigfoot / CT 40-60hp & 2 Stroke 70hp

    Use Hub Kit 12: Honda BF 4 Stroke: 35, 40, 45, 50, 60 hp, (NOT P60); Parsun: T30, T35, T36, T40; Yamaha 2 Stroke: 40hp to 55 hp Yamaha 4 Stroke: FT25 High Thrust, 30hp to 60hp

    Use Hub Kit 13: Suzuki ST 2-Stroke ('89+): 35C, 40, 50, 50M, 55, 60, 65hp Suzuki 4-Stroke: 40hp, 50hp/ ('10+): 40A, 50A, 60A

    WILL NOT FIT: Evinrude & Johnson 2 cyl: 40hp, 48hp / 50hp ('75-'05) / 55hp ('76-'79) / 60hp, 65hp ('80-'85) Evinrude & Johnson 3 cyl. (with small gearcase): 75hp ('75-'85), Sprint and Formula E ('86-'92) (FOR THESE MODELS USE THE H2 SERIES PROPS)


    Turning Point Hustler Mid-Range Aluminum Propeller Series for midsize outboards engines

    Fuel efficient blade designs allow for maximum performance while maintaining low fuel consumption. Turning Point's efficient-slip technology allows for faster cruising speeds at lower RPM - Saves fuel, saves money!


    • Stainless Performance in Aluminum Stainless steel blade geometry used in all aluminum patterns
    • Improve Handling and Boat Lift through advance pitch line and rake line cupping
    • Squeeze Cast for Added Strength The process generates the highest mechanical properties attainable in a cast product, resulting in tighter grain structures.
    • High Flow-through Barrel Exhaust System Maximizing exhaust flow increases horsepower and top end speed
    • Tuned Progressive Pitch Angles Accelerating and channeling water to minimize slip increases performance and fuel economy
    • Performance Tuned Rake Angles Higher rake angles tighten the vortex produced by the prop, adding to boat lift and overall performance
    • Long Lasting Finish: Powder Coated
      • The 5-step process creates a uniform, durable, high-quality, and attractive finish, that protects the aluminum from corrosion