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Turning Point Propellers

Turning Point Masterguard Series Propeller Hub Kit (202)

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  • 13 Spline Prop Shaft
  • Heavy Duty Spacer Adapts To All OEM Thrust Washers
  • 8 - 18 hp with 2-1/2" Gearcase

    Model 202 Applications: Evinrude and Johnson : (13 spline) 2-stroke: 9.9 hp, 15 hp (‘74 and newer) 4-stroke: 8 hp (‘96 and newer) / 9.9 hp, 15 hp (‘95-’01) 

    Use with R4-0909 for 9 Pitch Propeller (Most Common) or R4-0910 for 10 Pitch Propeller

    The MasterGuard Hub System also includes a lifetime warranty. The MasterGuard Hub System is the most durable and simplest hub system available. Utilizing a triple tapered key and keyway system, the MasterGuard Hub leaves no room for error. This premium hub system adapts to Turning Point's Rascal®, Hustler®, Express®, SpeedZone® and Classic® propeller lines.

    MasterGuard Hub System Features:

    • Heavy duty spacer adapts to all OEM thrust washers
    • Hi-tech polymer cushion material absorbs damaging shift shock and vibration
    • Brass tabs reinforce the cushion structure and ensure durability
    • Hub diameter is the smallest in the industry which means maximum exhaust flow and higher horsepower
    • Tapered keyways match with tapered keys inside the prop which makes for a secure fit

    Turning Point Hub General Features:

    • Hubs Interchange with other manufacturers’ propellers
      • Upgrades and replaces Mercury®’s Flo-Torq® and Michigan Wheel®’s XHS™ hub kit systems.
    • Easy to Install: Consumer Friendly Clear and easy step by step directions coupled with minimal parts makes installation easy
    • Increases Performance and HP: High-flow through barrel exhaust system maximizes exhaust flow increasing horsepower and top end speed.
    • Adapts to Almost All Engine Applications: Interchangeable w/ 8hp to 300+hp Props adapting to almost all outboard and sterndrive applications.
    • Eliminate Hub System Vibration & Chatter: Innovative one-piece design reduces the number of parts and eliminates failures commonly seen in multi-part hub systems
    • Reduces Gear Shock & Engine / Drive Damage Shock with an absorbing hi-tech polymer cushion.
    • Corrosion Resistant Materials: Premium corrosion resistance Brass splines
    • Reduce Prop Replacement Cost by 20-30%: Hub kits are designed to be reusable even after most propeller impacts, eliminating the need to replace the hub system when replacing a damaged propeller.
    • Eliminate Hub Cracking & Failure: The glass reinforced high-tech polymer construction increases flexibilty, eliminating potential material stress fractures.
    • Never Buy Another Hub Kit: Limited Life Time Warranty