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Turning Point Propellers

Turning Point 10 3/8" Dia x 13" PitchRascal 3-Blade Aluminum Propeller (R2-1013)

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  • Diameter: 10-3/8" x Pitch: 13 RH   or    10.375" Diameter  x 13" Pitch
  • Applications: 8 - 35 Hp / Gearcase: 3"
  • Each Brand/Model of Outboard Requires a Specific Hub Kit (Sold Separately)

    Use with Turning Point Hub Kit 25 for the following applications:  Yamaha : 2-stroke: 20 hp, 25 hp, 30 hp / 4-stroke: 25 hp Parsun: 20hp, 25hp

    Use with Turning Point Hub Kit 28 for the following applications:  Honda : BF25, BF30 / Mercury and Mariner : 4-stroke (‘06 and newer, cotter pin shaft): 25 hp , 30 hp / Nissan and Tohatsu : 25 hp, 30 hp

    Turning Point Rascal Aluminum Propeller Series for small horsepower outboard engines.

    Rascal aluminum boat propellers improve the overall performance of small HP engines. Specially designed propeller blades maximize top speed, acceleration, and grip on the water - no more blowouts caused by excess ventilation! These are the best aluminum boat props available for small horsepower motors!

    Achieve maximum top end speed with Turning Point's High-Performance blade geometry. Our blade designs incorporate industry leading high rake patterns, fine tuned pitch progression, aggressive cupping, and sharp trailing edges. Increase horsepower, acceleration, and top end speed with our maximum exhaust flow hub kit systems.

    Fuel efficient blade designs allow for maximum performance while maintaining low fuel consumption. Turning Point's efficient-slip technology allows for faster cruising speeds at lower RPM - Saves fuel, saves money!


    • Stainless Performance in Aluminum Stainless steel blade geometry used in all aluminum patterns
    • Improve Handling and Boat Lift through advance pitch line and rake line cupping
    • Squeeze Cast for Added Strength The process generates the highest mechanical properties attainable in a cast product, resulting in tighter grain structures.
    • High Flow-through Barrel Exhaust System Maximizing exhaust flow increases horsepower and top end speed
    • Tuned Progressive Pitch Angles Accelerating and channeling water to minimize slip increases performance and fuel economy
    • Performance Tuned Rake Angles Higher rake angles tighten the vortex produced by the prop, adding to boat lift and overall performance
    • Long Lasting Finish: Powder Coated
      • The 5-step process creates a uniform, durable, high-quality, and attractive finish, that protects the aluminum from corrosion