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Wenchew - "Curved" Nose VIB Rattle Lure

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The Wenchew is a vibration plug that is the culmination of Raid Japan's dedication to hard bait fishing from shore.
The Wenchew has thoroughly improved the weak points of conventional 50mm-class vibration baits, such as not being able to be cast far, not being reeled in fast, and being vulnerable to weed and debris, and has cleared the criteria necessary for vibration baits: flying distance, fast reeling, slow reeling, response, and depth keeping ability.
  • A close horizontal swim
  • Level Back secures a near-horizontal swim posture, dramatically improving depth-keeping and snag-free performance
  • Edge of the back cuts through the water for a quick and powerful action
  • Horizontal swim posture, body shape, and angled hook eye reduce snagging and debris attachment, which are weak points of vibration plugs
  • Wenchew is a step-up vibration plug to the next level, thoroughly eliminating blind spots in the vibration game for shore fishing.